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afternoon. i'm tori campbell. a hayward family is covering the bay area with posters as they search for a 29-year-old woman. she's been missing a week and is considered vulnerable. ktvu's sal castanedo spoke with the family and has more on where she was last seen. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. family members say she was last seen walking to the bus stop on her way to a job interview. 29-year-old samantha has been missing since last tuesday. she's described as a heavy-set samoan woman, 5'8" with short black hair, brown hairs last seen wearing jeans and a gray hoodie. her family says it's out of character for her to be gone for any length of time and not check in. and they also say she may be at risk due to her extreme trusting nature. >> we're worried somebody out there is manipulating her, taking advantage of her, mind controlling. that's our biggest fear. >> reporter: family members say they've been posting fliers, not only in the neighborhood but also at several b.a.r.t. stations and all over the bay area, including san francisco, oakland and san jose. fliers are
one problem spot through the hayward area. north 880 at 92, two right lanes are blocked with an accident here. c.h.p. is getting on the scene and when they do we will have more information. right now the road centers do not look like there is much slowing in the area. we will keep following that as the commute is underway. the only other road work is maintenance work at the richmond and san rafael bridge toll plaza, three left lanes for 20 minutes there and a live look at 80 through berkeley, light this morning and crowding around the 580 merge, otherwise it is picking up all the way into the macarthur maze and the first look at the bay bridge this morning, light and no issues here. kristen and eric? >> next, stuck at sea, the effort underway right new to get a stranded cruise ship and thousands of passengers moving again. >> reaching out to the community, oakland police lay out the new strategy they implement to stop a surge in crime. but, first, the tech bytes. >> apple's next mobile device could be a wrist watch performing some of the same functions as a smartphone in
. >>> thank you for joining us. i'm jessica doyle if for jc hayward -- in for jc hayward. we begin with breaking news coming out of frederick county. two sisters ages 3 and 6 were killed when a quick moving fire swept through their home. flames broke out just after 11:00 last night. the house along highland avenue near harmony road in miersville. scott broom joins us with more in this terrible story. good afternoon, scott. >> reporter: i'm standing here with the house behind me. the place is completely destroyed. to hear neighbors who are hear assisting the people who got out, this is just a parents' nightmare story. two parents, one of whom the mother who leapt from a balcony and a father who had to be pulled from a burning rooftop by firefighters once they got here, those parents trying despately to save the two daughters inside ages 3 and 6. unfortunately it did not work out. those two children died. both parents were injured. they were taken to area hospitals. the good news, if there is any here, is that 57-month-old baby -- is that a 7-month-old baby and an 8-year-old child we
good down to san jose. if you are driving to the south bay from let's say hayward it's not a bad drive. we are off to a very good start between hayward and fremont. now let's go to steve. steve, you notice our clock is a little easier to see now. >> what clock? right there. thank you. >>> we do have clear skies. our looking ten, 15 days it looks really quiet. this week will be sunny and warmer. we get the offshore breeze. as you know that is a pretty mild pattern for us. doesn't matter what time of year it is. still cold lows. temperatures 30 inland. closer to the coast and bay a little warmer in san francisco. oakland airport is 40. half-moon bay is 40. fairfield with a breeze is being held up. otherwise they would have a north wind. they would be in the 30s. novato is 32. concord 34. there is a lot of cold readings inland. everything says severe clear and it's a warmer pattern. wednesday, thursday, and friday we will see the first 70s of the season. some of the areas that will get the benefit of the north wind. i'm sure there will be patchy fog popping up. what pops up today will be
driving normally and did not have enough time to stop. >> in hayward, game over to gamble online for cash with a unanimous vote in favor of an emergency 45-day moratorium on any new cafes in the city that sell internet time and offer access to games with cash prizes. right now the city has two of the cafes and the moratorium blocks any new cafes until officials can consider revising the zoning regulations. hayward issued an order to close the clubs. >> in petaluma a high school student was hospitalized with meningitis. officials say the 17-year-old went into the hospital over the weekend with a highly contagious disease. the petaluma high school student is in serious condition but is improving. according to the press democrat the school sent a warning to parents yesterday and family and friend whose have come in contact with the boy are now taking antibiotics. if untreated meningitis can be deadly 50 percent of the time. >> president obama made the first overtures to republicans on immigration reform with phone calls to three key senators. the president called john mccain, graham and rubi
that was i believe in the original legislation. and the technical changes that ms. hayward could allude to later. and then the height changes for nonhistoric within the district, not involving the ones that you're alluding to for the later legislation. and if i have included everything that staff had brought up, please correct me if i did not. >> the only thing i'd like to clarify is that basically all -- anything to do with height including amending the height district and including two separate parcels would be in separate legislation. >> so, that would not be part of this legislation? >> that's correct. >> if i could ask, supervisor wiener, if you could comment on my motion, if it sounds appropriate to you or it embodies what you're trying to accomplish here. >> thank you. so, planning staff, in terms of the recommendation that the sunseting for the off-site kitchen be eliminated and that there be city-wide legislation, i have not accepted that. i stand by the legislation in terms of limiting it a by time and location, understanding there may be a forward -- project going forward for
area for 11 days even longer than that. an anonymous viewer in hayward during a downpour there. ureport page, send pictures there. spencer christian with a look and tornado sighting? >> that is correct. here is a live doppler. most of the bay area is drying out now. most of the moisture has left us but where it's active is quite active. that is down in the santa cruz mountains where we have a wide path of heavy rainfall and snow in the higher elevations near doulder creek and rain continues down towards scotts valley. farther east along gilroy, area of east of that rain up in the mount hamilton area. snow is still falling. farther north, take a look where the tornadoes touched down. two tornadoes produced. first one touched down 1:30 in the afternoon and hour later a second tornado report. fortunately no reports of damage yet but video to show you of the first funnel cloud as it was touching down. this is one that occurred at 1:30 in the afternoon. there is a lot of dusting but there is no apparent damage occurring. as i said earlier, no reports of injuries. we have had some wild
announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ sz. >> city of hayward is moving to shut down internet cafe that let users win cash prizes. authorities say this is nothing more than thinly disguised gambling houses. more now from nick smith. >> this is legitimate business. legitimate fashion and legitimate software not breaking any law and keep messing with us. >>reporter: ron doyle is fighting a war on 2 fronts. he owns operates net connection in hayward and both stories ordered to be shut down byal mead county hayward officials. they accuse the cafe of selling i hope net access to games offering cash prizes which they call gambling. but doyle says nothing more than simple family entertainment. >> this is not what these are. these are internet game bling sites. >>reporter: supervisor says the sweepstake internet cafe provide skirt game bling law and are illegal end of story. >> we have an advisory from the state gambling control that says that the facilities are illegal internet game bling and if you look in there everyone is doing on line gambling. very clear that these are gambling
in hayward. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast highlights warm conditions above average as we transition into the weekend. temperatures will start to cool and a cold front coming from the gulf of alaska will bring peace and rain to the bay area beginning on monday night. >> we will continue to monitor the timing of that. will have more information in my next report. >> looking at traffic you can see lane closures at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. typical overnight road work and to slow down. the majority of the traffic coming from the east shore freeway. >> the san mateo drive 13 to 12 minutes. >> the golden gate bridge, southbound 101 no delays coming out the north bay. >> we have overnight news for you. a stolen car spotted by san francisco police crashed after the driver fled from officers. >> police located the car around market at eighth street or on the nine last night and follow it into the tenderloin neighborhood. >> when more police cars arrive in the car sped away slamming into a taxi and two other cars, finally coming to a stop at fifth and mission stree
. ms. hayward, i'll ask the question and do the comment second. there's talk about adding height allowances on a specific parcel, that being the gold's gym or active fitness, whatever it is. and we're also talking about extending that to any other buildings in the district that are not historic. >> that corner per se. >> yes, and i'm in favor of that. but there was some specificity about a particular project at the gold's gym site which would be affordable rental housing. there's no project before us yet, so, our approval is just for this height increase, but we're not obliged to a particular project. it could be whatever the owner of the property would want to build that is -- you know, could obtain conditional use presumably would be what would happen. we're not approving a particular project. that was just what i was clarifying. >> that's right. the project would be put before you separately. >> so, then, my other question is i understand you suggested some things and i'd like to perhaps make a motion to approve with these things or at least clarify what the staff recommendati
and i just wanted to understand some of the policy thinking behind that. >> sophie hayward, planning staff. and you're right, the density in the nct district is controlled by the bulk and mass of the building and not by lot area. whereas in the d district it's by lot area. >> does that provide more flexibility or, you know, [inaudible]? >> if i could, emory rodgers, planning department staff. this idea came out of the market and octavia plan. it was an idea about trying to get density in neighborhoods in a way that is compatible with existing character. if you look at the zoning prior to the change to the nct and rto, the zoning actually would not allow the existing housing stock to be rebuilt because the existing housing stock was much denser than what the zoning would allow. so, by looking at what is the appropriate form and sticking with the prevailing form of the area, we were able to get more density within the historic character of the district. >> thanks, that's really helpful. i'm supportive of that part of the legislation, the consistency, have it all be one market nct makes
and traffic is quickly backing up into hayward. news chopper 2 is showing the backup and it is going to take awhile for this to unwind and we also have trouble on the nimitz freeway. look at all of this traffic, it is at a standstill in hayward heading south. the other problem is 880 in oakland and they just recently cleared a garbage truck accident. it was minor injuries there only but traffic is backed up towards the coliseum. i want to show it to you and they have maps just north of the coliseum. that will be a pretty good alternate root for you -- route for you. 880 -- 80 westbound between panola aneurysm month are -- until and richmond are seeing a backup, let's go to steve. >>> a splendid morning sky, cool for some, warm and sunny for others, a few high clouds hardly worth mentioning. the next rain comes march 6th but it does not look that impressive to me. steve is asking me why this is going on and i am more than happy to discuss this with you and i will give you my 2 cents worth. it is just the cycle we are in. look at what is going on in the middle of the country. whopper of a syst
nicely with rain with wet roads on the san mateo bridge. hayward northbound 880 from the east bay from san mateo you find an accident northbound 880 blocking the right lane and southbound 680 a stalled big rig and a stall on the rank southbound 13 to eastbound a 80. kristen and eric? >> today, microsoft officially releases the web based outlook e-mail service after six month preview and is open to the public and microsoft is spending $30 million to market it hoping to lure users away from gmail. 60 million users are outing outlook.com and you can send large files, address books that update and fewer ads and option to connect to social sites. >> michelle obama and a mid-life crisis and what she is saying how she is handling it. but, first, a texas couple wanted to give their young son a brother or sister but they got four. four. whatall right that's a fifth-flr problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get
reported tony hayward said his company was being too cautious. a court heard what he had to say after his company dumped millions of gallons of oil into the water. that is next. plus, more signs that the white house may be leaving the sidelines in theory and walking right onto the field. does that mean military intervention? that is coming up. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how about...by the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. this is amazing, how did you fi us? i thought we might be related, so i had a fiber analysis done and sure eh, we're family. but you're not even shredded. you're...crunchy?! that happens sometimes. and you help keep people full with whole grain fiber? just like yoguys. [ female announcer ] they're different, but the same. a tasty square packed with a crunch... [ crunch! ] ...of whole grain fiber that helps keep you full. it's a big breakfast... [ crunch! ] ...in new a little biscuit. sme! ohhh bring it in!
to kevin collins family that watch today's please press conference. only on two, live tonight in hayward where we spoke to kevin's mother shortly afterward. mike westmark >> reporter: and collins said there where thousands of leads back in 1984 and inspectors to the best they could and when she said they showed her the picture of the person of interest she said anger that we haven't felt since began to resurface again. >> the guy got away with murder. and they have never had to face a court of law and almost anything that he did apparently. and and collins says she does not know [indiscernible]. but her two daughters say that they let the killers slip through their hands. >> he lived right across the street from the church, what a missed opportunity, looking back obviously. and i believe that they did the best they could with what they had. >> i had questions about what happened in the early eighties and why there wasn't more follow-up. >> reporter: i sat down with a three and they do not recognize the man of interest, the manhood of february 1984 just lived [indiscernible] from the home
and the dry weather as it is the driest start of the year and in concord and hayward and sonoma and napa. and any chance for the rain in your seven-day forecast. i'll have it for you coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. damaged hundreds of homes a injured 53 people. there are no >>> the tornado tiers through the city here. they damaged hundreds of homes, injuring about 53 people. no reports of any death, but the state of emergency is in effect at the university of southern mississippi where the trees were snapped in half. some roofs were ripped away as they tell us that there was as many as 15 tornadoes today in mississippi and in alabama. and that he has had a lot considering that the tornado season, they don't really begin until march. >>> meanwhile across the northeast. people have spent a second
walnut creek. hayward, oakland checking in right about 59 degrees. these numbers anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. napa and santa rosa closer to 10 to 12 degrees warmer than just a day ago. it's a warming trend that we are going to continue. pacific satellite view. ridge of high pressure over the pacific here. the back edge right about there keeping that storm track well to the north. in fact, it's becoming a bit concerning. 2013 looking awfully dry. some areas perhaps even breaking records at this point for january and now moving into mid-february. so check your grass. you may actually need to turn on the sprinklers. this warming trend will carry us all the way through the week. coming upper 60s in the forecast by thursday. it will be mild that day. winds will remain north and northeast and generally light across the region. 62 expected for berkeley today. 60 in san francisco. 63 in hayward. low to mid-60s for the north bay. 6 o-- low 60s inland east bay. down into the south bay, a good- looking day for u 60 degrees san jose. 63 los gatos. 63 in santa cru
stefani and she was not able nher place we have sophia hayward. >> the proposed ordinance will amend the planning code to permit a change of use from business to professional business to medical service use on the first floor or below within the sacramento street, neighborhood commercial district. which is a five-block stretch along sacramento street from spruce street rather to lion street in san francisco. so basically the way that it is now, is that new medical services are prohibited at the ground floor and below, and when i say below there are a number of retail storefronts that are accessed by descending from the sidewalk from the half submerged level below the street. >> if it is adopted a change of use from business to professional service to medical service would be permitted providing that no residential use or active street frontage is lost. >> the planning department is recommending approval of this with minor modifications. the reason for that is that the department's position is that the language for the amendment is restrictive enough that the amrik ability is limited
creek. 66 in hayward. 65 in mountain view. temperatures anywhere 5 to 10 above normal for this time of year. stormtracker2, we have a cooldown. the system is gonna help break down that ridge of high pressure that's been over us now for several days. if i back it up a little bit more, 1600 miles out. it's a few days away. but we have cold wet weather on its way back as well. so for today we're looking at 70 degrees in san rafael. 68 in berkeley. upper 60s in vallejo. this in the orange, if we hit 70 in record, we'll see a new record, concord, 70. hayward, 70. in the south bay, warm, 72 for san jose. 73 morgan hill. 76 expected in santa cruz. there's the extended forecast. so the weekend still looking good. just not as warm. temperatures will fall back a bit on saturday. more so on sunday. with the return of the onshore breeze, we should expect to wake up with some fog on sunday morning. monday turning cloudy. temperatures now into the 50s for the afternoon highs and by tuesday, that wet weather finally arriving. we shower could use it. it looks like anywhere from 3/10 to an inch of r
and other criminal activity. if approved, the ordinance would take affect and if hayward city leaders could sit down, three cafes have been august of it online. letters were sent to the businesses tell them to shut down those operations and at least one of those cafes was closed. that would put a long-term moratorium on them while other options are being considered. >>> it is raining hard especially in the north bay so let's check in with sal, i sal i know people will argue with you but some people done think you are doing -- don't think you are doing too well. >> i feel great. yesterday was a lighter than usual day, not too much today, i don't think it is going to be, but let's look at the commute at the toll plaza. traffic looks good getting into san francisco and this this morning's drive is not all that bad if you are driving across the bridge. that looks pretty good, let's go to steve. >>> not all of it but some rain is beginning to pick up on san rafael, if you have any, you can always tweet me, also they are getting some rain in petaluma. we have to wait for the dynamics to arrive a
in color. anyone with information is asked to please call pleasant hills police. >>> the hayward city council has voted on a moratorium on sweepstakes cafe. they'll use it to revise current zoning regulations. right now there are two cafes operating in hayward. alameda county has already begun shutting down similar businesses at unincorporated areas. internet sweepstakes cafes offer patrons las vegas-style gambling themed games. >>> the city of san jose flipping a major switch working to reconnect some 900 street lights. crews starting to work this weekend along streets like camden avenue, blossom hill road and tully road. those lights were shut off four years ago because of budget cuts. the city council recently approved a plan to get them turned back on. this should take about three months to finalize the work. >>> parking near at&t park is about to get even more expensive during giants home games or other special events at the ballpark. we're talking quite a bit more. on event days, the meters will cost up to $7 an hour between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. that's compared to just a quarter,
but low-to-mid 60's traveling up 101 and a few 60's at your beaches and 59 at hayward and newark and 60 in san leandro and oakland, and the cool spot in the east bay valley is san ramon and everyone else in the low 60's and tonight temperatures are cooler with the winds calming down and we will have forecast back in the north bay and east bay valley, and you per 30's to low 40's around the bay. seven-day outlook shows sunny tomorrow and temperatures like today with more clouds but trending dry, and more sunshine and warmer weather if sunday and unsettled next week with more clouds monday and wednesday and both days are looking mostly dry. have a great day. >> the commute takes you from hayward to foster city, take a live look at the taillights headed westbound and everything is moving at the him with no delays to the high-rise and san mateo. daly city before sullivan we have road work until 7:00 this morning and also, road work, to northbound 680 is closed until 6:00 a.m. this morning in the fremont area and southbound 880, the ramps for ongoing long-term renovation project closed until
for downtown hayward traffic. starting at 8:00 p.m., march 15th, a one-way traffic loop he boo gins. the loop will put northbound traffic on foothill boulevard and southbound traffic on a streets and mission boulevard. the goal is to ease commute traffic through the area which is a popular shortcut between the 580 and 880 freeways. some local merchants opposed the projects fearing it would hurt business. the u.s. state department has joined the search for an oakland couple missing in south america for a month. the state department put out this poster of the couple, jamie neal and garrett hand began a bike tour in november and kept in constant contact with family members and friends on facebook but the posts stopped on january 25th. the next day they were to take a bus from cusco to lima and were safety scene getting in a cab. sometime earlier, the u.s. embassy issued a security alert warning americans about kidnappings in that area. >> what kind of warnings would see they? they are within the people, not watching the news. >> my greatest hope is they return on schedule unharmed. >> the bike s
. >> reporter: tom hayward studies packaging for personal care products. he says pump bottles are the worst offenders especially with thick lotions. >> the viscosity creates a vortex. >> reporter: lots gets left behind in other containers, as well. tests show between 2 and 10% of products get stuck in tubes, jars and squeeze bottles. >> it's annoying. >> it's frustrating but i have learned to work around it. >> reporter: now, there are many tricks to reaching the unreachable. snipping, scraping, shaking, and, of course, adding water to the remnants to use the bubbly solution. but there are also a slew of new products to help you get the last drop like this last drop makeup spatula. and tom hayward's creation, my bottle. it holds them upside-down to let gravity do the work. >> i use about four bottles less a year of my lotion and about 3 bottles less of my hair gel. >> reporter: a win-win that tom says means more usable product more money in your pocket and less in the landfill. julie watts, kpix 5. >>> some good tips there. well, we're still in winter
. thank you. i am here with my colleague jc hayward. she has been very busy doing some glitzy things with some glitzy people. >> reporter: would you like to see my toes? >> reporter: no. >> reporter: they're very pretty. >> reporter: we believe you. >> reporter: we're cozy. the sun goes down, so does the temperature, but let me tell you what i did today. there's nothing like being with an old friend talking girl talk. the windsor court has a luxurious new spa. so i decided to meet my good friend to have a pedicure and reminisce about old times. >> jc, you pick the color. what color should i do really? green or blue? just think of me as a college kid in the newsroom. i was the one that used to say jc do you have any tie-ons? where are the slides for your pictures? what do you think about my copy? do you even remember this? >> reporter: it was so long ago. >> you don't remember when i would come to you and bring my copy and say what do you think about this? >> reporter: i do remember that, yes. >> and you would say well, well, it's okay. it's okay, baby, but really why don't you
in hayward reporting mostly cloudy conditions as well as mountain view and san jose. live doppler 7hd, the camera on top of mount saint helena. the weather service down in monterey and we are looking to low cloudiness here and all-around parts of the east and south bay up to the north, as well. really san francisco and much of marin county and over toward berkeley enjoying some sunshine now. that's where we have the warmer numbers. 50 in oakland, san francisco 50, half moon bay pretty mild along the coast but that's going to change for the afternoon with an on shore flow and cooler conditions. those low clouds and fog will be banked up along the coast. 49 in san jose with cloudy skies. plenty of skies hanging around the central coast from watsonville into salinas. partly cloudy. poor visibility up toward santa rosa. three miles there. had has improved significantly but napa you still have the fog. more sunshine this afternoon. we will see cooler conditions, much cooler with some showers. it looks like thursday.they should be returning and we are looking at maybe a quarter to a half-in
above $2,500 and the 60's return by sunday and they hold on by monday. >> in hayward, southbound, 880, we have a four car accident beyond hayward. that yellow line extends all the way back to 238, so, very heavy traffic in hayward area headed southbound on 880 because of the four car accident. elsewhere, we will look at northbound 880 before davis, the accident has been cleared at the shoulder with residual slow traffic with injuries involved with emergency crews on the shoulder that are blocking a lane of traffic. southbound 680, slow traffic there because of an early accident. walnut creek, brake lights from pleasant hill sluggish but no stalls or accidents just a lot of folks making their way southbound. >> ahead, five things to know before you go. >> the abc7 morning news >> 6:54 as we are ready to hand off to "good morning america" here are five things to know. a new study everyone as traffic in the bay area among the worst in the nation. the reports from texas a&m transportation institute show san francisco and oakland are tied with los angeles for the number two spot. washingto
hayward to san mateo. >> and the bad traffic on the bay area is blamed on thieves now getting the blame. now live on the expressway in san francisco to explain that. >> it could make you scratch your head how can thieves make traffic worse? they are, copper thieves are stealing the valuable copper that powers metering lights like this one behind me here in san jose. this works. you can see it is green. when the wiring is taken out it turns black and rendered useless and traffic backed up. this is happening across the bay area. it is making streetlights go out very dangerous for pedestrians and some metering lights in the south bay have been out for up to two weeks and some on the peninsula have been out since october. of course, people are stealing the copper for the money, and it has gone for $4 a pound at salvage yards triple the price four years ago. a new law may deter thieves and foes those who recycle or receive the material with up to three years in prison and a fine of $10,000. look at this, offer the last year in the bay area alone, vandals have stolen copper from 59 meters, ca
in fairfield, and 37 in livermore and to the south bay, 38 in san jose, and 38 in los gatos and hayward at 39, and 36 at half moon bay and everyone else in the low-to-mid 40's. today, we will see a lot of sunshine, a few high clouds from time to time, but going to be blue out there again. we will not be as breezy allowing the temperatures to warm into the low-to-mid 60's, and 61 in san francisco and 62 in san rafael, and riff -- richmond, and 63 in san jose, and concord at 64. at the coat, 55 at half moon bay, a cooler spot, and as we head through the next three days we have a cooler breeze tomorrow and we will shave two or three or four degrees off the highs and we get them back with calmer conditions and sunshine on sunday and mid-60's away from the coast and we are in the upper 50's and we will have the same type of temperatures on monday. and that commute? >> in redwood city using the traffic app at seaport boulevard and bayshore freeway we had an overnight fail accident with c.h.p. issuing a sig-alert. it is not on the freeway but on the surface streets. if you work at the port of redwoo
they will gather in front of screaming fans for the battle of the bands in hayward. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom shows us how it has endured for half a century. >> these youngsters are eighth graders from san francisco! >> twelve minutes is all you get to impress the crowd and win the battle of the bands. >> when you are talking show changes and hats and tamborines >> steve and rob are competing in the tribute band fleetwood mask. >> they know judging will be tough. >> you guys get graded on the costumes? >> yes. they are very particular. the pennant that i have on is a duplicate of what stevie nix actually wore on stage. >> if they don't do it in 12 minutes, the curtain goes down. >> in 1964 it was the teenage battle of the bands. >> and the best band that wins is going to play at a dance, a local dance. that's how it started. >> in the '70s the hayward park district opened it up to all ages. in the 930s they added prizes. >> they get studio time, they get merchandise and sometimes with the studio time they get a record label. >> for those lucky enough to compete, this is hallow ground. a
a repeat. it's not worth it. >> he's from hayward. >> he's in hayward and i'm going to come over to gideon unless anybody else there has a response to this. gideon if you'd like to stand up. >> i'd like to ask about, there are three pernicious forms of graffiti that in some ways have actually gotten worse. as the city of san francisco has greatly improved the graffiti situation, i've noticed that there's more graffiti on concrete, on sidewalks, on curbs and also on trees, tree trunks. and tree trunks, graffiti on trees to me is the lowest form of graffiti that there is because it just -- it is so lacking in any consciousness about the environment and life and so forth. so, i'm wondering when i was in a graffiti advisory board, several of us tried to get some special attention paid to those things as well as glass etching. i don't know if glass etching has gotten worse or not, but particularly graffiti on concrete sidewalks and curbses and trees. i'm wondering if perhaps officer parerra [speaker not understood] can speak to that if any special efforts are made to address those. >> i'll spea
tonight. the highway patrol says a 23- year-old man interest hayward died after his vehicle hit the center divider and rolled over several times. another man was hospitalized. it all happened near the karlson boulevard exit aft about 1:15. the westbound lanes were theatcompletely shut down for about half an hour. all lanes did not fully re-open until 4:30. >>> firefighters in east bay have their hands full today with a fast-moving house fire. >>> the routine activity that sparked the blaze. >>> and president prepares for his state of the union address next week, the topic mrs. obama is expected to focus on. >>> without here, i don't know what we are going to do. >> east bay students bond together for an emotional show and how students used the power silence to honor a teacher in fight of her life. >>> a castro valley high school teacher has been out for most of the year battling cancer. returned to school tonight for a special fundraiser. as ktvu's jade hernandez reports there were some powerful words even though they couldn't be heard. >> reporter: silent says a lot about students who pr
have cooled down a bit. 60s in san francisco and still pretty nice. for valentine's day. 57 in hayward, concord. 53 and richmond 57 degrees. cool and clear conditions tomorrow, another gorgeous day. temperatures in the south bay with sunshine and a saturday a little bit cooler. on sunday, a bit cooler with some wet weather details on that when i come back. a very sweet treat for one family in virginia. >> pam: their winning ticket make them new multi- millionaires. that's next. >> pam: now for today's market update. stocks waver amid a slowdown in europe's economy. and an encouraging report on the jobs market here on the u-s. the dow fell nine points to close at 13-thousand-973. the nasdaq rose a point to three-thousand-198. and the s and p 500 rose one point to one-thousand- 521. >> pam: a confirmation vote for chuck hagel as defense secretary has been delayed. and president obama is not happy about it. hagel is a former republican senator and a decorated vietnam veteran. a vote to end a g-o-p filibuster fell two votes short. republicans are holding up the confirmation, demanding info
down on internet cafes. the hayward city council says these are hot beds for online gambling. arturo has more with how the city's responding. >> good morning. and the city found out a few weeks ago there could be three of the so-called sweep stakes cafes in operation. it was determined they were illegal gambling operations and the city is now trying to do what it can to shut them down. now, all three opened within the past year. world net business center on the 22,000 block of vermont street has already completely shut down. net connection is on the 700 block of b street and ibiz is in a strip mall on the 22000 block of maple court. they have computer terminals that offer sweep stake games, which are considered to be an illegal type of slot machine and other types of gambling which are against state law. the state bureau of control considers these to be illegal gambling operations. l.a. goldstein has a store next to the ibiz cafe. he's been in there and says it looks like people are playing a slot machine game on the computers. >> it looks almost like a reno, las vegas environment. t
-year moratorium on marijuana club. that moratorium is set to expire in april. >>> tonight the hayward city council is scheduled to consider a moratorium on internet sweeps takes cafe. the cafe semicustomers internet time and in turn access to online sweeps takes game. if a customer wins they're paid out on the spot. the council approves it the city attorney said the city would take action to close the two cafes operating in hayward. >>> an oakland news center gives hope to a bay area man with an extremely rare form of leukemia by holding a bone marrow drive. ktvu was there last week as 44-year-old kevins wetin and his wife renewed their wedding vows. signing up just requires a quick swab of your cheek. >>> twitter users got to ride along with the palo alto fire department today without ever leaving their computers or mobile devices. the department hosted a virtual ride along today from 8:00 to #50k and tweeted updates on every call from fires to medical emergencies to safety trainings. the department says social media is a great way to share information with the public and vice versa. >> we want p
to hayward where some time tonight a vote is scheduled involving internet sweep stake cafes. those cafes sell online time and in return access to games. the city council is considering a 45 day moratorium. if approved it would take action to close the two interstate sweepstakes cafes still operating in hayward. >>> cupertino's apple says it's been hacked. the attack is similar to one at facebook it acknowledged last week. >>> and jeep's twitter account has been hacked just one day after the same thing happened to burger king's account. the fake page said that jeep's grand had been sold to cadillac because workers were caught using pills. there were also drug references in the burger king incident. a sports person for chrysler said it took about an hour to regain control of the jeep twitter account. >>> law -- lawyers representing the man accused of killing chandra levy requested the case to be reopened. her case attracted attention because of her romantic relationship with a california lawmaker. >>> a $50 million heist, in news of the world how thieves lifted diamonds from a passenger plane
northbound and southbound relatively quiet right now between hayward and downtown oakland. getting a check of some of your bridges, you can really see the slick spots across the san mateo bridge. so this is the flat section. this is right after the toll plaza. west wound 92 the drive time 14 minutes out of hayward towards the peninsula. bay bridge, in our first traffic report we saw overnight roadwork in lanes. looks like they cleared it. they had two lanes blocked approaching the toll plaza. so far, so good towards the pay gates and up the incline, no major delays into san francisco. overnight roadwork may slow you down on eastbound highway 4 approaching loveridge out of pittsburg towards antioch. they have one lane blocked until about 5:30 this morning. more overnight roadwork in danville southbound 680 approaching sycamore valley. a crash in that area just cleared to the right-hand shoulder. coming up, we will get a check of mass transit. in the moon time, back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> 4:39. new this morning another big earthquake rat
and light across the span. 13 minutes is that drive time between hayward and foster city. so if we go to our maps, we can show you more areas of roadwork, that long stretch of 880 from 23rd to jackson has roadwork in various lanes. that's oakland all the way down into hayward this morning. it's so early that we're seeing a lot of green on our sensors and green for our color-coded guide means speeds over 40 miles per hour. pretty much everything moving at the limit in the south bay. the altamont pass ride is looking good coming through livermore. and bart so far no delay. everything on time. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. >>> here's a story you don't hear every day. a minivan hit a camel who broke out of its east bay enclosure twice. a veterinarian is set to examine rudy the camel today. according to police, the 10- year-old animal doesn't appear to be injured after he ran away from the accident scene in concord. police called in some cowboys to help out. >> i have been a cowboy my
and hayward. 68 degrees is expected for antioch. will be low 60's for san francisco. satellite radar shows that it will be cleared dry conditions and storm tracks 6 to the north. >> we do have changes to talk about for the seven day of around the bay. friday is shaping up to be the warmest of the week with plenty of 70's to go or around. saturday and sunday we may see some light rain. this will be due to a weak system that is passing through. most of us would jesse and increase and cloud cover. we will be dry as we start the next work week. the next opportunity for wets weather is on march 6th. >> the time now is 6:20 a.m.. and oakland couple that was believed to be missing on a bike trip in peru have reportedly been spotted in a local village. jamie neal and garret hand were last heard from a and late january while traveling in peru. nios co- workers and else lebraun tech are celebrating the new is that neil and her boyfriend have been found. it >> may well, because the family has not heard directly from the couple, garrett's mother is a misstatement same " until i hear from and see my so
into the newsroom, as well. first reports of a crash northbound 880 approaching whipple. that's in hayward. sounds like one lane is blocked. oakland, things look okay, traffic moving at the limit. but again give yourself some extra time. slow down. you know the drill. there's another stall reported on westbound 92 on the san mateo bridge. it sounds like it's closer to the high-rise. this camera is past the toll plaza where traffic is moving okay right now out of the east bay heading towards foster city but you may find some delays around midspan. coming into the east bay, traffic looks okay on eastbound 92. so pack your chains. chains are required this morning on 80, 50 and 88 if you are planning a trip towards the san jose. they are in effect on 80 between kingvale and donner lake. all lanes are back open. we are watching a crash early this morning in castro valley eastbound 80 approaching strobridge. things are looking okay through the castro valley y one of our traffic sensors showing 58 miles per hour and a quick south bay look. so far, so good
boulevard. this was blocking traffic lanes. it has jammed up the ride coming out hayward. no good alternate for your ride here. erica. >> taking a look at weather. clear skies. a chilly start with a couple of spots below freezing. into the afternoon and we sunny a slightly warmer. clear conditions in to the evening hours. gradual warming trend in full effect. i will show you when we anticipate seventies coming up in my next report-- >> on developing news. we're watching the latest with the coast guard search for four missing people off the coast of monterey. kron fours will tran is live from the coast guard station net yerba buena for island with more, good morning will. >> owe will try to carry the news conference live when it happens. at this point this is continued a rescue effort got a recovery. they spent the night continuing the search for the family. so far no luck. with the light up a plan to put more helicopters in the air and expanded their search.eve now it 65 mi. offshore. possibly up to 120 mi. off of my right. not to mention they are tapping into their colleagues in seattle, h
warmer. then we have a pretty good weekend on tap for you. >> 7:10. police in hayward investigating a fatal accident involving a pedestrian and a car last night. the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk while going across industrial boulevard near bombburg avenue around 7:00 last night. the car ran into him. the pedestrian was declared dead at the scene. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating. so far police don't think alcohol or drugs are a factor in that incident. >>> 7:11. showdown in the senate. why a vote on chuck hagel for defense secretary could come tomorrow and how many republican votes are needed. >>> growing concerns about students bringing weapons to a high school on the peninsula. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> still some areas of fog around. mostly sunny. it will be sunny for everybody today. some pockets of that fog are already burning off. rather windy in the east bay hills. overall, sunny and warm today. >>> 7:13.
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